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I was warned in November 2016...

People warned me, that if I voted for Hillary Clinton it would be the end of civility and truthfulness in the US as we know it, the deficit would skyrocket, and there would be never ending investigations of the president.

Well, I voted for Hillary and that was what happened!

Yesterday I was diagnosed with ADD ( attention deficit disorder ) ...

I always suspected I had it, but I never paid any attention to it before.

I have found a cure for people suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder...

... just send them to concentration camps.

What does ADHD stand for?

Attention Deficit HEY DOUGHNUTS!!!

What happened to Mr. Chin after all 10 of his children disappeared?

He developed a ten Chin deficit disorder.

When is it okay to send a disabled person to a concentration camp?

When their disability is attention deficit disorder.

My 4 siblings and I all have a rare condition which causes us to lack lower legs.

The science community calls it A Ten Shin Deficit

Deficit joke, My 4 siblings and I all have a rare condition which causes us to lack lower legs.

If we kept an eye on everything we were told to...

We would be at a serious deficit for eyes.

My girlfriend has Attention Deficit Disorder.

When I don't give her attention for 5 minutes she has a meltdown.

I used to have attention deficit disorder, but now sorry, what were you saying?

How many children with Attention Deficit Disorder does it take to change a light bulb?

Let's go ride our bikes!

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I just went to the doctor and I was diagnosed with the combined symptoms of both Tourette Syndrome and Attention Deficit Disorder.

It's called ADFU.

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