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The Best Deficiency Puns

Every time someone comments on my wrinkly clothes I just tell them that I have an iron deficiency.

Yep. I do that.

Imagine Iron Man having an iron deficiency

That would be ironic.

What do you call Matthew Broderick after he takes his Iron deficiency pills?

Ferrous Bueller

My doctor said I had an iron deficiency and I asked him how he could tell.

He pointed at my crinkled shirt.

Why did the Germans have a vitamin C deficiency during World War II?

All the juice was put in concentrate camps

Iron deficiency gang please stand up

>!not too fast though.!<

Iron Deficiency gang rise up!

But not too fast...

What is the best Vitamin for friendship?

B1. Because no one wants to be friends with a guy in a metabolic coma due to a thiamine deficiency.

Breaking News: New study finds lesbians have vitamin deficiency.

Vitamin A and B seem to be regular but they don't seem to be getting enough D.

What do you call a Mexican with a speaking deficiency?

A lisp-anic

After the apocalypse I went to the doctor and he told me I had a B12 deficiency.

Then he asked if I had any meat in my diet.

"Yeah, but I only eat vegans."

Read a story recently about a guy who went deaf as a result of having acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

He had hearing aids.


What does the doctor recommend you take if you have a Vitamin D deficiency?

Some sunlight

What does the doctor recommend you take if you have too much Vitamin D?

Some Sun-Lite

Why did Hitler have a vitamin C deficiency?

He hated juice.

What do you call IronMan with an iron deficiency?

An ironic situation.

My girlfriend said she was leaving me because I'm low on iron

My buddy told me, "Don't worry, there's plenty other deficiency."

Doctor Doctor, I'm really pale and don't understand sarcasm.

You have low humorglobin caused by an irony deficiency.

Boom, and indeed boom.

What do you have when you haven't see any Iron Man movies?

An iron deficiency

I won't be struck by lightning

My doctor told me I had iron deficiency

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