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Today in sex ed our teacher asked what's the difference between a male reproductive system and the female reproductive system.

Apparently there's a vas deferens

Why couldn't the two testes be friends?

Because of the vas deferens.

Do penises and testicles have much in common?

Not really. There's a vas deferens between the two.

Deferens joke, Do penises and testicles have much in common?

When it comes to distinguishing male genitalia from female genitalia...

There's a Vas Deferens.

Male and female anatomy are not similar

There's a vas deferens

A common misconception on the male anatomy

While many people believe that the male ejaculatory ducts and epididymis are essentially the same structure, there's actually a *Vas Deferens* between the two!

I'm scheduled for a vasectomy next Wednesday, but I am a little worried.

I hear it can make a vas deferens in my sex life.

Deferens joke, I'm scheduled for a vasectomy next Wednesday, but I am a little worried.

Two men discuss vasectomies...

First: "I'm thinking about getting a vasectomy, but I'm worried about performance..."
Second:" I had one, I was worried at first but after a while I realized there just wasn't a vas deferens"

You know what they say about vasectomies...

There's a vas deferens between the good ones and the bad ones.

Thought of this yesterday, probobally done before but whatever

How big of a difference is there between the male and female reproductive system?

There's a vas deferens.

You might think a man's anatomy is quite similar to a woman's....

But there's a vas deferens.

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A vasectomy can make a vas deferens in your life

A friend of mine told me that sex after a vasectomy would hurt.

But to be honest I haven't noticed a vas deferens.

How can you tell a man from a woman

Well, there's not really a vas deferens

A son asks his dad, "What's the difference between a boy and a girl?"

His dad answers, "Well, there's a vas deferens!"

I had a vasectomy today, and my wife keeps asking how I feel...

I've had to tell her over and over that it's not that bad, and that I don't notice much of a vas deferens.

Deferens joke, I had a vasectomy today, and my wife keeps asking how I feel...

Some people think vasectomies and castration are similar procedures

but there's a vas deferens between the two.

What is the distinction between a man that has had a vasectomy and one who hasn't?

I don't know, as far as I'm concerned there's not a vas deferens.

It's quite hard to compare the epididymis and the seminal vesicle

There's a vas deferens between them.

Some say that there's no benefit in having a Y chromosome...

Actually, it makes a vas deferens.

Vasectomy or no vasectomy,

Vas the deferens.

(I'll show myself out)

Some people think there's no difference between men and women...

...but I think there's a *vas deferens*.

Original Male Sterilization Joke

A guy goes into the doctor for his baby-proofing surgery. He hops up on the table and says "OK, Doc! Let's get this tubal ligation going!".

The doctor looks up, annoyed. "This isn't a tubal ligation!"

"I know, I know," says the guy, "but it's all the same thing, pretty much."

"No it isn't!" says the Doctor. "There's a Vas Deferens!"

They say the male and female reproductive system is very similar

But I think there's a vas deferens

As politically incorrect as it is to admit, there is a difference between men and women.

A vast deferens.

I used to confuse penises and testicles...

But then I realized there is a vas deferens between them.

I asked a German doctor about the anatomical differences between males and females...

I don't think he knows, cause he answered "Vas deferens?".

A man's testicles and his urethra are two very dissimilar things...

It's true that there's a vas deferens between them

After I had my vasectomy, my friends asked me if anything had changed in the bedroom

I replied "there isn't a vas deferens"

Don't get confused between the testes and the urethra.

There's a vas deferens between them.

Between biological males and biological females...

...there's quite a vas deferens.

I asked my friend if sex changed much after his vasectomy.

He said he didn't see a vas deferens.

I just got a Vasectomy...

The urologist gave me a cup and said I had to fill it in 60 days then bring it back for a sperm count. I guess the surgery doesn't make a vas deferens right away...

My vasectomy was supposed to change everything.

I haven't noticed a vas deferens after the procedure.

after a vasectomy, make sure to ice your nuts

it makes a vas deferens.

The doctor's price for my vasectomy was a little high for me, but my offer was too low for him.

In the end we split the deferens.

What's the difference between a man with one ball and a man with none?

Well, there's not a vas deferens

Are male and female reproductive organs similar?

No. There's a vas deferens.

In pottery class I made a container to hold flowers that is patterned after part of the male reproductive tract.

That's right, it's my Vase Deferens.

Most people think that the testicles and the seminal vesicle are the same thing...

...but there is a vas deferens between them.

I'm getting a vasectomy tomorrow

I'll tell my urologist she can start with either side because ultimately it doesn't make a vas deferens.

I don't know why people say that pee is stored in the balls.

I mean, there's a vas deferens between the two.

I had always thought becoming sterile through testicular trauma was the same as having a vasectomy

Turns out, there's a vas deferens

What do the testicles and prostate have in common?

Nothing. There's a vas deferens between the two.

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