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The Best Defenders Puns

Teacher : Do you know the reason Manchester United lost to Arsenal ?

Student : Manchester United lost because their defenders were Young, Small and Blind

The best soccer team in the world

We will put gays as defenders, since they pressure well from the back.

Arabs, Chinese and Caucasians in mid because they bring color to the field.

Jews will be attackers because it's frowned upon to chase them.

And a 50 year old nun as our goalkeeper.
Because she hasn't let anyone in for three decades straight.

The first sign of football in the Bible,

Jesus went up for the cross and got nailed by 2 defenders.

What do funeral home workers and football defenders have in common?

They get yelled at if they let the wrong guy inside the box.


Why do the Asian public defenders clients always get executed?

Because he always concedes to the prosecution that his defendant deserves to be rocked up.

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