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The world of defenders is a vast one - from public defenders to Land Rover Defenders, football defenders to the Pittsburgh Steelers - something for everyone. This article takes a look at the best defender jokes out there and examines their origins; from Holden to Guardian jokes. Read on to find out more.

Cheerful Fun Defender Jokes to Brighten Your Day with Humor and Joy

A soccer team goes to a bar after a big win.

The keeper decides to hang out with his close friend, a defense player and his girlfriend. As it comes time to head home, the defender pulls the keeper aside and decides to compliment him on his play.

"You know, you're good as a keeper."

"Oh? What brought this about?"

"Well to start, you've been keeping me from scoring all night."

I got arrested for m**... in public and declined a public defender.

I don't think I'll have a problem getting myself off.

I met a lovely, helpful person the other day

They were always asking about me, wanting to get to know me better. They seemed genuinely helpful and were there when i needed them most. They dedicated their time to me and didn't even ask for anything in return. I decided to take the plunge and kiss them!

Anyway, i need a new public defender.

Why doesn't God like the weekend?

He's the defender of the week.

What do you call a defender of a castle who is too weak?

A fortnight

The manager for Chelsea FC swapped their defender for another one. The opponent scored 2 goals back to back straight after.

"Oops, wrong sub.", said the manager.

Who is the strongest Defender from Netflix?

Iron Fist. He was able to take down all the others by himself

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