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  1. I came across a great movie about a semi-truck with a defective refrigeration unit that had to deliver a large shipment of meat. Unfortunately, the trailer spoiled it.
  2. TIL the company Tampax donates their slightly defective tampons to women's prisons No strings attached
  3. I ordered a pair of sneakers from an online shopping site and found it to be defective. Is that an e-shoe?
  4. I'm the leader of a group of shoddy private investigators. I'm a directive defective detective.
  5. Getting back together with your ex is like rebuying your own old car... ...same defects and more kilometers on board.
  6. There was once a psych researcher with a rare genetic defect that gave her four buttocks. She was fired for being bi-assed.
  7. What do you call a dwarf with a birth defect, is broke and can't drink milk? Lack toes and tall or rent
  8. What do Marie Curies Notebooks and a defected KGB agent have in common? They both won't be investigated very closely.
  9. What did Nintendo do when they found out their consoles had a defect? They issued a wii-call
  10. A Customer bought a parachute from me I realised after selling it that it was defective.
    He hasn't come back to return it.
    I wonder if he has jumped to a conclusion of not coming back.

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  1. What do you call a defective dishwasher? A feminist
  2. What do you call a Private Investigator who is bad at his job? A Defective!
  3. Why did the North Korean defect to South Korea? He did some seoul searching.
  4. My mac has a factory defect. I've been using for 3 years and it still works.
  5. How bad was the Rio 2016 Olympic? None of the North Korean athletes defected.
  6. What do you call a broken police officer? Defective
  7. What section would a defective cabinet look for in a library? Shelf help
  8. What's the name of the Pokémon that causes birth defects? Zikachu
  9. Where do the Japanese store defective mannequin feet? In bent-toe boxes.
  10. What does a statistician call a defective butter substitute? A margarine of error!
  11. Did you hear the one about the defective knife? He couldn't cut it.
  12. My irony detector is defective. It detects everything except irony.
  13. An infamous sleuth gets half of his deduction wrong. He was a Defective.
  14. What do you call a Chinese Transformer? defective
  15. What do you call a patent for a defective human?

Defect joke, What do you call a patent for a defective human?

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I was fired from work at school...

So, due to a minor defect at birth, I was born with Strabismus, and up until last Friday, I was happy performing my duties as a teacher.
Unfortunately, I was fired. My boss told me he couldn't have a teacher in his school that couldn't control his pupils.

A man had a rare birth defect where both his eyes were on the side of his head. Despite this he found love, but she soon dumped him.

When asked why she left him she said "he couldnt stop seeing other women on the side"

Have you heard about Samsung's new video game based on the Galaxy Note 7?

They're calling it Mass Defect.

Hey Chelsea fans, don't worry...

...your blue and white scarves will fit right in when you defect to Leicester.

Little Johnnys neighbour

One day little Johnny comes home from school and his mom tells him that they are going over to the neighbors house to see their new baby. However the baby has a defect, he was born with no ears. Knowing that Johnny will say something rude his mom warns him and tells him to be polite. Johnny agrees.
Later that evening they are looking at the baby.
Johnny's mom: Wow your baby is so cute.
Johnny: Yeah he is adorable
Neighbor: Thanks we are so happy to have him. A special thing about him is that he was born with perfect 20 20 vision.
Johnny: Good because if he needed glasses he'd be f*cked

What genetic defect do all people who refuse to use Google products have?

Too few Chrome-osomes.

Defect joke, What genetic defect do all people who refuse to use Google products have?