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Top 10 Funniest Defect Jokes and Puns

I was fired from work at school...

So, due to a minor defect at birth, I was born with Strabismus, and up until last Friday, I was happy performing my duties as a teacher.

Unfortunately, I was fired. My boss told me he couldn't have a teacher in his school that couldn't control his pupils.

Why did the North Korean defect to South Korea?

He did some seoul searching.

My mac has a factory defect.

I've been using for 3 years and it still works.

Defect joke, My mac has a factory defect.

A man had a rare birth defect where both his eyes were on the side of his head. Despite this he found love, but she soon dumped him.

When asked why she left him she said "he couldnt stop seeing other women on the side"

What do you call a dwarf with a birth defect, is broke and can't drink milk?

Lack toes and tall or rent

There was once a psych researcher with a rare genetic defect that gave her four buttocks.

She was fired for being bi-assed.

What did Nintendo do when they found out their consoles had a defect?

They issued a wii-call

Defect joke, What did Nintendo do when they found out their consoles had a defect?

Have you heard about Samsung's new video game based on the Galaxy Note 7?

They're calling it Mass Defect.

Hey Chelsea fans, don't worry...

...your blue and white scarves will fit right in when you defect to Leicester.

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