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My friend said he saw a nocturnal mammal d**... in a French River

I told him that's bat s**... in Seine

A man defecated in an elevator

He took s**... to another level

I know this guy who constantly tells jokes about how often he craps his pants

Self-defecating humor

A man comes to see a urologist...

"When is your earliest urination in the day and how regular is it"? - the doctor asks him.
"Every day, at exactly 8:00, I urinate" - the man responds.
"That's good. How about defecation? Any obstruction"?
"Every day, at exactly 8:10, I d**..., without any obstructions whatsoever" - the man responds.
"That's good, too. But why did you come to see me, then"?
"Because I don't wake up until 9:00"!

During school lockdown drills there's always a designated area to d**....

Since in emergencies it's always important to keep your s**... together.

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