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My friend said he saw a nocturnal mammal d**... in a French River

I told him that's bat s**... in Seine

During school lockdown drills there's always a designated area to d**....

Since in emergencies it's always important to keep your s**... together.

There is this old wooden pillar in my town where all of the homeless people d**.... We call it...


Wouldn't plants that d**... keep growing larger?

Since they soiled themselves

Sean Connery had his dog trained

He got the dog to do all kinds of tricks. Roll over, do a flip, fetch certain items, but anytime he tried to get the dog to sit, it would d**... on the floor.

Where does Bruce Wayne go to d**...?

The bat-room!

Someone once told me that male cows don't d**...

But I think that's b**....

Kim Jong-il

When kim Jong-il was alive, a great deal of North Korean p**... was created claiming things like Kim Jong-il and his father created the world, and that Kim Jong-il does not urinate or d**....

Apparently, p**... was also created for the children of North Korea in the form of a book titled "Everybody Poops... Except Kim Jong-il"

I've been told male cows don't d**...,

But as you can clearly see, that's b**....

I was watching **Cool Hand Luke** the other day and I thought that after eating all those eggs, Luke would have been incredibly constipated.

"What we have here is failure to d**...."

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