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Why is Def leppard the best band to listen to while driving?

Because you only need one arm to drum along..

Def Leopard is the safest band to air drum to while driving

Because you can keep one hand on the steering wheel.

Yeah, I know its Def Leppard, auto correct messed that up for me.

What has 9 arms and s**...?

Def Leppard.

The bands Def Leppard and Blind Melon did a collaboration.

They called the song Helen Keller .

Courtesy of my adult daughter onto which my 'dad humor' has clearly rubbed off!!

What has 9 arms and 10 legs?

A Def Leppard.

When a cougar gets so old she needs a hearing aid...

... she becomes a Def Leppard

What's a big cat that can't hear?

Def Leppard.

What happens to a cougar that needs a hearing aid?

She becomes a Def Leppard.

What has nine arms and s**...?

Your mom on Def Leppard's tour bus.

What do call a Cougar that has lost her hearing?

A Def Leppard

What big cat shouldn't you take to a rock concert?

A Def Leppard

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What has 8 legs and 7 arms?

Def Leppard

What do you call a cat that's been listening to too much rock and roll?

Def Leppard.

What is the best music to air drum to while driving?

Def Leppard, because you can keep on hand on the wheel.

What has nine arms and blows?

Def Leppard

What has 5 arms and rocks?

Def Leppard

How does Rick Allen (Def Leppard drummer) count in a 4 beat?

*opens mouth, taps cheeks 4 times*

What is the only deaf animal?

Def Leppard

I'd give my left arm to have been in The Beatles.

But, then, I guess that would have made us Def Leppard.

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