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  1. When I almost snapped after I heard the same joke over and over, I've found out what rhymes with orange ! Deez nuts ! Ha, got him !
  2. The biggest joke of 2015.. When you have Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, and Deez Nuts running for President.
  3. Vine-famous man Deez Nuts has found never-before-seen nuts fall from a tree, and has been given the rights to name it He calls it the Eucalyptus Nuts
  4. Have you heard of Dizna? Deez Nuts! 🥜
  5. Hey everyone! Guess what! Deez nuts
  6. What do you get when you cross Ligma with Deez Nuts? Get off the internet, go to sleep.
  7. Bofa..... Bofa deez nuts in yo mouth
  8. What is huge and hides behind 56 teeth? Deez nuts
  9. Seriously, where do babies come from? Deez nuts!
  10. Do you want to see a parody? A pair of deez nuts in your mouth. (OC I'm pretty sure)

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Deez Nuts One Liners

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  1. Why is C afraid of D? Because DEEZ NUTS!
  2. Go ahead I'll let you Osaka. "Let me Osaka what?"... DEEZ NUTS!
  3. Winter- Pros: Chestnuts roasting. Cons: Deez nuts freezing.
  4. Do you like Wendy's? When deez nuts are in your mouth!
  5. Hey girl are you Muslim? Because you're about to pray to Allah deez nuts
  6. Deez nuts should've invested a bit more on his campaign He actually would've won...
  7. Have you ever seen 2001 a space odyssey? Well you odyssey deez nuts!
  8. boycott Wendy's!!! Although you may not feel up to it Wen-deez nuts are in yo mouth...
  9. Do you like dragons? I'll be dragon deez nuts across ya head shortly.
  10. What is Mr. Peanut's favorite online meme? DEEZ NUTS!

    HA! GOT EEM!
  11. Wife: Do you know what will make me happy? Wendy's! Me: When deez nuts on your chin?!?
  12. Do you know what's worse than beating a dead horse? Deez nuts
  13. Is it true there is a sub for everything? False.
    Haven't seen a sub for deez nuts
  14. What's the integral of deez nuts? Your chin, because it's the area underneath.
  15. What kind of nuts get bad grades? Deez nuts

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A family of four were having a dinner, everybody were bored, so the dad says" lets play a game," what is something you lick but get really tempted to just eat," the the girl says "a lollipop" the dad says "correct!" now what do you put in your mouth but don't s**... and the boy is like "DEEZ NUTS"

Something came in the mail today...

Deez nuts.

I know what your girl wants for her birthday.

Deez nuts. Ha! Got em!

A package came in today...

For deez nuts.

What's 9+10?

21 pairs of Deez Nuts

Do you like Wendy's?

Reply: Yes!
Answer: you like it when deez nuts in yo face

Just got a package in the mail today...


Two blondes were eating

Deez nuts

Lazy thought by my girlfriend

Her: "Why is it Bees Knees, Why not Bees Nuts?" (Deez nuts)

An African, an Asian, and an Eskimo walk into a deez.

Deez nuts.

They've been together for 28 years!


What do you get when you click to see the punchline?


My friend grabs something in my pocket

It was deez nuts

What are some really s**... jokes?

One I know is this:
Spanish teacher: Kids, what is the ellos/ellas form of the verb sacar?
Students: Sacan?
Spanish teacher: SACAN DEEZ NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!



What do you call obnoxious almonds?


I can't believe this couple has been together for 22 years.


I walked into a bar and yelled.......

Deez Nuts, HA! GOT EM!

Did you hear who Deez Nuts is picking as a running mate?


what after c?

deez nut!

Deez Nuts for President 2016

Are you from Russia?

Cause I'm Putin deez nuts on yo face.

I heard you like Wendy's?....

When DEEZ nuts in your mouth!

What do you call something big and pink

Deez nuts gotti

What is a black persons favorite snack

Deez nuts gotti

Do you know why the "deez nuts" guy is in prison?

He's nuts.

Guess what came in the mail today?

Deez nuts. HAH GOT EM!


You guys like dragons? Well you can drag deez nuts in your mouth.

What's white, black, and can smell fear?

deez nuts.

Do you like Imagine Dragons?

Well imagine dragon deez nuts across your face!

Duck, duck, duck...


Hey America, who are you voting for?

Deez Nuts!

Some people are allergic to me. You know why?

Deez nuts.

Have you heard about my friend Willya? Because...

Willya s**... deez nuts gotem

Ya'll know Bowthadese?

**Botha Deez Nuts!**

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