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Did you know, the cheapest type of meat you can purchase is a deers balls?

Its because they're under a buck

Why was the herd of well-sighted deer so smart?

It was full of good eye deers.

Have you heard of this new zombie like disease, stricking moses and deers? Hollywood is already on it.

Nightmare on elk street.

Deers joke, Have you heard of this new zombie like disease, stricking moses and deers? Hollywood is already on i

What is a deers preffered currency?


I asked my 7-year-old nephew today if they have Animal Crossing

He thought for a few seconds and responded " No, but we have deers crossing"

What is a deers favorite ice cream shop??

Deery Queen 😂

Where do deers store their water?

In buck-ets

Deers joke, Where do deers store their water?

What do two deers do when together?

They fawn-icate

Two deers walk into a gay bar

After coming out, one says to the other "I just blew 20 bucks in there"

-Santa's sleigh was hit by a car. Several deers died. What is left?

-The remaindeer

What did the deers tell their newly appointed minister, when they had to remind him of their ritual of having sex as soon as being appointed as one?


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There's nothing like being 4 or 5 deers beep.

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