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Why are Sherlock Holmes' taxes so low?

He's a master of deduction.

Sherlock Holmes arrives at a crime scene, and immediately bends down to pick up a button on the floor.

Hmm… Sherlock ponders, I deduce that the individual this button belongs to is 6' 1 , was born in January, and has a fascination with blueberry muffins.

Watson was completely confused by his partner's deduction.

How could you possibly get all that from just a button?

Elementary! Sherlock replied. Because it's mine!

So a gymnast walks into a bar.

He gets a two point deduction and loses his chances at the gold.

A gymnast walks into a bar.

He gets a two point deduction and ruins his chances of getting a medal.

I contacted and arranged for a meet with an undercover FBI agent to show my skills in deduction and reasoning..

Unfortunately,a 14 yr old girl showed up at the coffee shop

Girlfriend said These ducks look confused. We are confused. Therefore, we are ducks.

To which I replied, babe, you are excellent at deduction.

An infamous sleuth gets half of his deduction wrong.

He was a Defective.

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