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The Best Deduct Puns

Use these four words correctly in a sentence: deduct, defense, defeat, and detail.

Deduct jumped over defense, defeat before detail

One by one, a class of fifth-graders were called on to make sentences with words chosen by their teacher.

Nick didn't often participate in class, so his teacher was glad when she saw him raise his hand to give it a try.

"Nick," said the teacher, "make a sentence with the words 'defeat,' 'defense,' 'deduct,' and 'detail.'"

Nick thought for a few minutes then smiled. He shouted, "Defeat of deduct went over defense before detail!"

Come up with one sentence that uses, "defeat," "deduct," "defense," and "detail."

Easy. Defeat of deduct went over defense before detail.

A 1st grade teacher is teaching her students proper sentence structure.

The teacher is asking her students to use the following words in a sentence; deduct, defeat, defense, and detail.
One student raises his hand and says "defeat of deduct went over defense before detail."

A quick one for tomorrow's tax day

**IRS Agent:** You can't deduct and umbrella!

**Taxpayer:** Why not? It's overhead, isn't it?

Lame Riddle

Use these four words in a sentence:

defeat, deduct, defense, detail

answer in comments

Teacher: Johnny, use the words ''defeat , deduct and detail in a sentence.

Johnny: Yes ma'am. Defeat of deduct went over defense before detail.

Your mom can deduct mouthwash and contraceptives as business expenses on her tax return.

Because she's a ho.

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