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I am a proud anti-vaccine Father of 3.

Edit- Two Now

2nd Edit- One Now

3rd Edit- Nevermind

4th Edit- WOW this really blew up. I would like to dedicate all these wonderful awards to my 3 children Byeson, Dieanne, and Ammunity. They would have been so proud. RIP

I'd like to dedicate this joke to my wisdom teeth.


I've dedicated my life to find my wife's murderer.

If you can recommend someone, let me know.

Dedicate joke, I've dedicated my life to find my wife's murderer.

I'd like to dedicate this joke to my father, who was a roofer..., if you're up there...

I've dedicated my entire life to getting prostitutes off the streets

For an hour or so each day.

A little late to the party here, but for my New Year's resolution, I decided to dedicate more time to my step machine.

I never knew my real machine. 😢

Still my funniest joke

A man is hosting a radio program and he wants to call a random person to ask for their favourite song in order to play it on the radio. So the random guy says " well I just want to say that I found a person's wallet on the street" and the host tells him " well do you want to share the owner's name so we can return the wallet?" And the random guy responds " no I just want to dedicate him a song" (sorry for my English I'm Spanish) :)

Dedicate joke, Still my funniest joke

[From a speaker at my college the other day] Well, my father was a roofer, and I'd like to dedicate this to him.

So, dad, if you're up there... *points up*

I'd like to dedicate this award to gravity.

You've always kept me down to earth.

You can dedicate Brown Eyed Girl to any woman

They all have at least one brown eye.

If you fully dedicate yourself to the discipline of procrastination . . .

You should never face any problems.

If you do encounter problems, you are doing it wrong.

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Let's dedicate a genre for doomsday



When you take a 13 hour trip to China just to beat your met early

I just won the 2016 friendzone award.

I'd like to dedicate this achievement to my imaginary girlfriend, my waifu, and that cute girl in high school whom I still obsess about.

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