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Don't drink water while studying...

Because chemistry says that concentration decreases while adding water.
Note: My first attempt. Thanks.

Putin recently won the election with about 77 percent of the vote,

Over the next few weeks Russia will see a 23 percent population decrease.

The NHS has just revealed a list of long-term side effects of vaccines!

- Old age
- grey hair
- General decrease of diseases

So I hear that the Euro is destabilizing and deflating...

...if its value decreases any more, Europe might have to switch back to their old international currency, Czechoslovakia.

79 million people are without access to drinkable water

Though on the bright side, the number is decreasing!

Shoutout to the Ampersand

for both increasing & decreasing the length of the word "and".

The popularity of skiing has decreased somewhat lately

In fact, it's going downhill fast.

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