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Top 10 Funniest Decorator Jokes and Puns

What did Pink Floyd say when their manager tried to bring in a decorator for the studio?

We don't need no renovation.

How do you get certified as an interior decorator?

You don't pull out

Went to the funeral of a Painter and Decorator who died young

It was emulsional

First day as an interior decorator

Me: I am not sure if this giant cross is right for this space.
Priest: Again, this is a church

It's Adam and Steve, not Adam and Eve.

That's the third time I've had to take this damned cake back to that wedding cake decorator.

A decorator decided to kill himself by drinking tin of varnish.

It was horrible as he was dying, but it was a beautiful finish.

My Mam was an interior decorator and me Dad was a gynecologist

So I can paint your hallway through your letterbox

Homer Sectional

Yes, he's an interior decorator.

What did the decorators say when they went to church?

"Repaint! Repaint! And thin no more!"

Furniture shopping

An old favorite which might bear more than one telling is the one about the lady who visited a furniture store and ask to see a sexual couch.

The salesman, masking his amusement, politely asked, Don't you perhaps mean a section couch, madam?

No, no, she replied emphatically, I'm sure my interior decorator told me I should have a sexual couch for an occasional piece in the living room.

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