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How much did it cost for workers to move a decorative tree into the small house?

Tree fitty.


Wife holds up a wreath of decorative pumpkins: What do you think of this for my office door?

Me: Definitely, it's gourd-geous.


What do you call a decorative wreath with a picture of a turtle on it?

Aretha Franklin.


I have this weird kink where I like to be choked with decorative gourds.

It's called Autumn-Erotic Asphyxiation.


[OC] The fake Mona Lisa

So a copy of a Mona Lisa painting is in her house when a policeman knocks at the door.

The Mona Lisa opens the door and says "Yes, officer?"

The policeman replies: "You're under arrest."

"What, why?"

"Well," the policeman says, taking out a photo from a security camera of two paintings, one with a decorative golden edge and another with none at all, "two Mona Lisa paintings entered a bank yesterday, and one commited a bank robbery in which $10,000 was lost."

The Mona Lisa copy examines the photo closely. "But that can't be *me*!"

"Why?" responds the officer.

"Well, that other painting had no border - I was framed."


I told my wife I can't find the matching decorative pillow case...

She said it's a sham.


What do you call a decorative wreath with a picture of a frog on it?

Aretha Franklin.


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