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My girlfriend made me one of those sculpted 3D cakes for my birthday but wouldn't stop reminding me how it took her all day to decorate it..

..which is surprising since to me it looked like a piece of cake

What's a chemists favourite thing to do at Christmas?

Decorate his chemistree.

I found some cheap old paint and used it to decorate my beadroom. That night, the whole room lit up...

Turned out to be LED based paint.

What does a racist decorate in their home for the holidays?

Their bigotry.

You CAN decorate your sofa with pictures of Death in a hooded cloak...

But there will be grim repercussions.

Why didn't the homophobe decorate his house for Halloween?

Because his skeleton was in the closet

so a train station noticed that alot of the passengers where either musicians or gardeners.

so they decided that in order to cater to these people, they would decorate the station with metrognomes

What do cows decorate their birthday parties with?


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