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The Best Decker Puns

How is Rihanna's boyfriend and power tools the same?

They're both Black and Decker.

Chris Brown is going on tour this year!

He'll be sponsored by Black & Decker.

A woman gets on a double decker bus.

She steps onto the bus and begins her ascent to the upper deck and a hefty gust of wind comes in and blows her dress up.

The bus driver, looking up the steps at her says but airy up there ma'am

To which she replies, what'd you expect, feathers?

I'd never been on a London double decker, didn't have any money but told the driver I was dying to get on

He looked me dead in the eye and said "Life isn't fare."

I was arrested for punching an elderly African-American lady at Home Depot.

My wife told me to find a Black N' Decker.

40 blondes decided to tour London in a double Decker bus

The ones up on the top were terrified while the ones on the bottom were singing and partying. Finally the tour guide went up to the top to ask why they weren't happy like the others. One of the blondes said, "that's easy for you to say, you have a driver!"

What is Chris Brown's favorite cooking appliance?

A Black and Decker

I wanted a new drill for my birthday, so when my wife asked, I told her to get a Black and Decker...

She's due in court next week on a racially-aggravated assault charge.

Ray Rice just signed another endorsement deal

Black & Decker

What is Ray Rice's favorite kind of sandwich?

A double decker.

Senseless Joke

If a dog crashes a double decker bus in the middle of january was the holocaust a hoax?

Chris Brown is going back on tour soon.

So far, only Black & Decker want to sponsor him.

A young man was recently arrested for punching an African American women inside a local hardware store...

When the police asked why, he replied: My father asked me to go find him a Black and Decker.

Why should you never sit at the top deck of a double decker bus?

Because there is no driver up there.

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