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The General's new clothes

Preparing for an imminent, decisive battle, the General calls his
experienced, trustworthy aid over for advice.

"I am undecided as to what color uniform to wear" he says, "what did the
great generals in history wear to their most important battles?"

"Well" the aid says, "Napoleon for example wore a red uniform, so just
in case he was injured, his men would not notice and keep fighting along
with him".

"Very well, then" says the general after a moment of contemplation,
staring deep in thought at his reflection in the mirror, "bring me my brown uniform".


I'm all for women's rights...

I just wish they'd be as decisive when choosing where to eat dinner.


I asked a Genie to make me more decisive. ...Only if you forfeit your ability to make sex puns. He told me.

You could say I had a pretty hard decision in my hands.


I consider myself very decisive..

I guess.


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