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I don't see why some people use fractions instead of decimals

It's pointless, but anyway you gotta draw the line somewhere or else people will think you're being irrational. But that's beside the point

I don't understand...

I don't understand people who use fractions instead of decimals.

It's pointless.

I guess you have to draw the line somewhere,

or people will think you're irrational.

I don't understand why people use fractions instead of decimals.

It's pointless

Why should you not argue with a decimal?

Because decimals always have a point.

I used to think maths was useless

but then one day I realised that decimals had a point


Have their point.

I don't get why some people use fractions instead of decimals.

It's pointless

Decimals joke, I don't get why some people use fractions instead of decimals.

I used to hate Math. But then I realised...

*...decimals have a point.*

People who can't tell the difference between whole numbers and decimals....

....are missing the point.

They stopped teaching decimals at the school for blind children

Nobody could see the point.

I used to hate math, until one day I realized...

Decimals have a point!

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Decimals accept their position in society.

They know their place

What's the use of decimals, I mean...

Whats the point?

I don't understand decimals.

I mean, what's the point?

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