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A man at a funeral Interrupts the priest and says, "Excuse me, do you have the WiFi password?"

The priest stares at him and says, "Good God man, have some decency. This is your mother's funeral!"

The man replies, "Is that all lower case?"


Whats the difference between a burglar and an ex-wife?

At least the burglar has the decency to leave you the house.


A woman was having a shower

When the doorbell rang.
"It's me, the blind man."
And she didn't open the door because she has public decency and doesn't stop her showers for strangers.


So I heard a tree service worker tried to stuff one of his coworkers into a wood chipper....

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say he doesn't have a shred of decency .


Drunk man was sitting in restaurant.

While eating he farts very loudly in a restaurant.
The man on the next table gets very angry and says, "Excuse me, you have no decency. You farted before my wife."
Drunk Man: "Sorry, I did not know it was her turn."


I got mugged by a homeless man in NY City...

...which really shocked me. I mean, at least in California they have the decency to *ask* you for money.


Whatever happened to transparency of government? They were supposed to be .png, and we got .jpg instead.

They didn't even have the common decency to be .gif


One cannibal walks up to another

Cannibal 1:I was up all night beating my meat.
Cannibal 2: At least have the decency to call her your wife.


I always wave to my neighbors when vacuuming, and they always give me strange looks...

In all honesty, they're the weird ones, they don't have enough decency to make sure their lawns are tidy.


Gentlemen test

At least most tests have the decency to ask me my name, before they fuck me.


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