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An old man is dying..

His grandson asks him, "papa.. What will happen to your body when you die?" the grandfather looks up weakly at him and says, "I decay...". Just then his monitor flat lines and the boy sat wondering why his grandfather didnt know what would happen to his corpse.

Why isn't Uranium associated with Ukraine anymore?

Cause it lost decay

God im sorry

"Hello, Police? I'd like to report an anonymous tip."

Me: Hello, Police? I'd like to report an anonymous tip.

Dispatcher: Go ahead.

Me: Flossing daily reduces your risk of tooth decay.

Decay joke, "Hello, Police? I'd like to report an anonymous tip."

I was doing a lab on nuclear decay and at first it worked like expected, but when 3/4 of the material had decayed it suddenly stopped

It seems like there will never be a half life 3

Two corpses are lying in a grave and one turns to the other and says, Dude, why are you rotting?

The other turns to him and says, I decay.

When you die, which part of your body will decay last?

Your pupils... because they die late.

Text response from a confused carcass:

I decay.

Decay joke, Text response from a confused carcass:

What do you call a hipster who turns into a skeleton?

Urban Decay!

I did not originally think of this, I heard it from a friend

Did you know that nobody's having intercourse at the Quantum gay club?

Apparently, all tops turn into bottoms.

That explains the weak interaction.

We're witnessing the world in decay.

It's strange, and I find no charm in it.

Ok, I'm out.

I'll be having some Lepton tea.

What animal is endangered by tooth decay?

Molar bears!

What did the teenaged girl zombie say?

I decay.

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Why does cesium decay into barium and not the other way around?

Because once you barium you can't cesium anymore!

Thanos Finger Snap had a delay effect

Apparently Thanos' finger snap had a decay cause it just took Stan Lee away

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