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I read about a feudal uprising where a duke's son was killed by rebels.

They used a trebuchet to knock him off the battlements with the only available ordinance: a peasant's decapitated head.

It was the first recorded instance of a serf-face-to-heir missile.

An officer is at the scene of a car accident filling out a report...

Officer: "Let's see here, driver deceased.
Cause of death? Decapitation. Location of body? Torso in gutter, head in medeon... uh... meddi... medan..." *kicks head*... "Head also in gutter."

A decapitated head fell on me today. It looks really similar to mine. I immediately started screaming.

I may have gotten a head of myself.

I'm at this party and everyone's telling me I should get decapitated.

I think it's about time I head off.

Farmers are skilled at decapitation

We only ever find the heads of lettuce or cabbage

Did you hear about the race between the two decapitated heads?

I heard they were neck and neck

Did you guys hear about the boy who got decapitated in a water slide incident?

On the plus side, everyone got to jump a head in line.

(Sorry for how terrible this joke is. I came up with it when the news story first hit like a year ago, but didn't think to post until recent news regarding the accident made me remember it.)

Why were nobles decapitated during the French Revolution?

The peasants thought they were getting just too far a head.

What did the man say after getting decapitated?

So no head?

A blonde detective is approached by a rookie

and he asks her how she thinks they will identify a victim if the victim has been decapitated and had his fingers hands cut off. The blonde detective responds with "It's simple, how many people do you think there are in this city without heads? All you need to do is run their picture against our database!"

The singer for the band Steppenwolf has been decapitated in a motorbike accident...

They found his head out on the highway...

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Im a police officer and i went to a job the other day where a man had been decapitated

My boss asked me what happened and I said, "not sure yet sarge, but he's lost his head over something"

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