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The Best Debut Puns

I'm part of a big band group called The Megabytes.

Our thousandth member recently joined, finally readying us for our debut live performance.

It'll be our first gig.

How many debutants can you fit in ballroom at the Waldorf Astoria?

Like, a cotillion of 'em.

Why don't debutantes like group sex?

Too many Thank You notes to write.

What is the worst TV show to make your debut on?

To Catch a Predator

A thief entered a theater to make her debut.

She really stole the spotlight.

What do you call the debut of a new beer?

A saison premiere!

What do you call Michael Jackson's debut after bleaching himself?

Back and white

Maybe It's You

The debut album from the literal chorus of Taylor Swift exes.
Available for download from iTunes soon.

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