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The Best Debris Puns

Did you hear about the explosion at the cheese factory?

Apparently people were covered in debris.

What did the french chef say when the cheese factory exploded?

What did the french chef say when the cheese factory exploded?

Looks like we have debris all over the place

A cheese factory in France exploded.

All that was left was debris.

Fire at the Pub

A firehouse got a call about a pub. The firemen rushed there to see the place ablaze. They could hear someone calling for help from inside. Two of them ran in to see an Irishman trapped under debris. They were able to pull him out as the rest of them fought the fire. One of his rescuers asked how the fire started. The Irishman looked up at him and said, "I don't know, it was like this when I got here."

Winds of 108mph, structural damage, flying debris, massive depression, icy blasts, communication difficulties, untold misery and suffering...

Yes, I forgot our anniversary again.

Their was an explosion at the cheese factory

No one was hurt, but debris was everywhere..

A cruise magician...

... Had a parrot who spoiled every trick. You know, like, "That box has a hidden floor".

One day during the performance, the cruise ship exploded, but the magician and the parrot saved themselves on a piece of debris.

They floated along in silence for three days, when the parrot quips "Okay, I give up. How did you manage to make the ship disappear?".

The cheese factory was destroyed today...

Debris was everywhere.

What do rabbis call the leftovers of a circumcision?


Did you hear there was another blast?

This time in a movie theatre. The movie playing was You, Me and Debris.

What's a demolition expert's favorite cheese?


Astronauts who were in orbit for a long time discovered that human foreskin grows back in zero gravity

The effect is known as space de-bris

Did you hear about the guy who died in a light gust of wind?

He was killed by debris

How does Tom Wolfe dispose of the debris from his bathroom remodel?

He has a bonfire of the vanities.

I'll let myself out.

New debris washed up on Reunion suspected to be be black box from MH370

Now confirmed just to be a 'domestic wheelbarrow' and not part of a plane

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