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The Best Debater Puns

What did the debater say after getting stabbed during an argument?

Good point

I was in the debate team in high school.

My best debate was about math. People still say I was the best math debater.

Whattaya call someone who seems to have an almost fetishistic obsession with stomping into a comments section, saying something absolutely horrible, and spending the rest of the day slapfighting with whole threads of people calling them an idiot?

A compulsive mass debater.

What do you call a guy with a lisp who likes to jack off during math arguments?

A math debater.

What do you call someone who is always disagreeing with their calculator?

A chronic math debater

What do you call an expert hostage negotiator?

A master debater.

What did one Master Debater say to the other Master Debater?

Nothing, they were too busy stroking their egos.

I commonly known for arguing over what gives an object weight

Some people say I'm a mass debater

What is the leader of the debate team called?

The Master Debater

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