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What do you call someone who writes death metal instrumentals?

A decomposer

The death count nears 50 after scaffolding collapses and crushes fans at a rock music festival...

Eye-witnesses say there was a lot of heavy metal.

OJ Simpson has a new death metal band called:

Black Stabbeth

I like my death metal like I like my coffee.

Dark and with lots of Meshuggah.

A metal band comprised of Chernobyl survivors

6 Finger Death Punch

A baker was killed by a falling metal pan...

you could say his death was filled with irony.

A paperclip walks into a bar. The bartender asks, "Why the pointy face?"

The paperclip, incapable of human speech, forms a long, thin sliver of metal and stabs the bartender to death.

What does an old rocker listen to?

Near-death metal.

Little known fact: after their supposed death, Pierre and Marie Curie went on to become successful underwater assassins using a certain heavy metal.

Hundreds of people died of mer-Curie poisoning.

What do you call Islamic death metal?

Allahu Rockbar.

If geologists like rock music and mortuary scientists like death metal, what kind of music do physicists like?

Physicists enjoy dubstep, mainly because you don't have to account for wind resistance in the drop

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Why did the heavy metal rocker become an actuary?

He wanted to be paid to predict death and destruction.

I've started planning for 2017 already: I'm going to record a Death Metal Christmas Album.

I'm going to call it *Sleigher*.

I'm thinking of starting a Death-Metal themed take-away joint that caters to Pirates.

I'm gonna call it "Pizzas of Hate".

We accidentally showed up to a death metal costume party instead of a cultural costume party.

We came as Romans.

What's a dinosaur's favourite genre of music?

Space Rock, but they don't mind death metal.

What's everyone's favorite genre of music at the old folk's home?

Death metal.

What is a zombie's favorite kind of music?

Death metal

A zombie walks into a Death Metal concert...

... gets its brain eaten.

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