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The Best Deal With The Devil Puns

A cucumber made a deal with the devil.

He is quite in a pickle now.

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Did you hear about the cobbler who made a deal with the devil?

He sold his sole

They say John Mayer made a deal with the devil...

Nobody knows what John got, but the devil got guitar lessons!

So an illiterate man signs a deal with the devil.

The devil appeared to the man one day and said "If you are willing to give me a soul, I will grant you all of your heart's desires, but you will have to deliver your soul to me on your final day, I will tell you when it comes"
The man, without a second thought, agreed to this.
20 years later, the man had lived a life of wealth, women and booze.
He was out walking home from a bar when the devil reappeared in front of him.
"Time's up, your soul, now, as per our deal"
The man looked at him blankly and said "alright"
He pulls out a sharp blade, bends over and reaches toward his shoes.

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