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What company is the best at meeting deadlines?

The Make a Wish Foundation

It's comforting to know that the US government works the same way as a college student when it comes to deadlines...

They both wait until the last minute, then get an extension.

A genetic botanist doesn't show up to the church picnic.

Her concerned husband finds her in her lab working feverishly on a new pesticide resistant strain of maize.

"Aren't you coming to the congregation picnic?". He asks.

"Screw them and their impossible deadlines! They told me I have until today to get the corn bred!"

While dogs can smell fear

Printers can smell deadlines

I love deadlines.

I love the whoosing sound they make as they go by.

I get plenty of exercise.

I'm frequently jumping to conclusions, pushing my luck, and dodging deadlines.

I'm reading a book about meeting deadlines.

I should have finished it a week ago.

Deadlines joke, I'm reading a book about meeting deadlines.

I love deadlines.

I like the whooshing sound they make when they fly over my head.

Why was the zombie in such a rush to get to his book signing?

He had deadlines to meet

What do we want!?

Megaphone holder: What do we want!?


Megaphone holder: When do we want it?!


What do you call a Jedi who worries about not making deadlines?

Panickin' Skywalker.

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Tom Sawyer started painting on deadlines after his adventures.

He *rushed* to make *moving pictures.*

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