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My girlfriend and I began having sex at 1:58AM this morning and didn't stop until 3:01AM.

Thanks daylight savings!

Made love to my wife for an hour and four minutes tonight

Thanks, Daylight Savings Time!

Had sex for an hour and 30 seconds today

Thankyou daylight savings

I fucked a girl for an hour and 45 seconds last night

Thanks daylight savings

Made love to my girlfriend for an hour and 15 seconds last night

Thanks, Daylight Savings Time. I couldn't have done it without you.

I had sex for an hour and 45 seconds last night.

Thanks daylight savings!

Not only is it daylight savings time today, but also Int'l Women's Day.

Because apparently a full 24 hours to celebrate women would have been just a bit much.

I had sex for an hour and 20 seconds today...

Thank you daylight savings time.

I just made love for over 1hr straight

1 hour and 22 seconds is my new record.

Thanks daylight savings time!

Daylight Saving Time ends today. So I have to remind myself,

that the clock on my microwave will be wrong for the next several months.

Tomorrow you should turn back our clocks one hour. for Daylight Saving Time

Unless you're Arabic, in which case you should set it forward 14 centuries.

I lasted an hour and 15 seconds in sex yesterday.

thanks you daylight savings

Boss: "You're an hour late!"

Guy who is about to invent daylight savings time: "Haven't you heard?"

I just lasted 61 mins in bed a new record!

Thanks Daylight savings time...

The Agony of Aging

On the morning that Daylight Savings Time ended I stopped in to visit my aging friend. He was busy covering his penis with black shoe polish. I hollered at to him, "You better get your hearing checked. You're supposed to turn your clock back".

Today, I had sex for 1 hour and 30 seconds

Thank you Daylight Savings Time!

I can have sex with my girlfriend for 1 hour and 30 seconds...

Thanks daylight savings!

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I had sex for an hour and 30 seconds last night!

Thanks daylight savings!




(I saw this joke a few weeks ago, today is the perfect day for it!)

Daylight Savings Time Gave Me a Back Injury

I need to buy a smaller sundial.

I really like daylight savings time, I got an extra hour of sleep last night

I was in bed for 7 hours, but when I woke up it was EIGHT HOURS LATER!!!!

I made love to my wife for an hour and 15 minutes last night

Thanks, daylight savings time!!

Daylight savings

On Sunday we jumped back an hour, today we jumped back 50 years.

I lasted 62 minutes in bed

Thanks daylight savings

Fucked this girl for an hour and 30 seconds last night

Thanks daylight savings!

Thanks to Daylight Saving Time

My girlfriend totally thinks I lasted an hour and two minutes!

I lasted 1 hour and 30 seconds while having sex last night...

Thank you daylight savings!

My wife doesn't understand daylight savings time

But hey, who could think straight after being banged for an hour and 2 minutes

What did the former German chancellor's wife say to him to remind him to change his watch for Daylight Saving Time?

Konrad, add an hour!

Last night I had sex for an hour and 30 seconds.

I love when daylight savings time ends!

On the 11th of March I had the longest sex of my life, 1 hour and 30 seconds.

Thank god for Daylight Saving Time

What does the guitarist of the Black Keys do on Daylight Savings time?

He sets his clock an Auerbach.

Daylight Savings is my favorite . . .

It's the one night of the year my girlfriend thinks I can last an hour and two minutes.

You will never find anybody who can give you a clear and compelling reason why we observe daylight savings time.

Daylight Saving Reminder (DIRECTV Spoof)

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