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I was walking down the street with my wife..

And i saw my mother in law being beaten up by six men, when my wife asked "Aren't you going to help?" I said "No, six should be enough."
From Les Dawson.

So I saw my mother-in-law getting beaten up by six guys

"Aren't you going to do something?" My wife asked.
"Nah, six should be enough."

(Les Dawson)

I was walking down the street with my wife...

... when I saw my mother-in-law being beaten up by six men.

My wife said, "Aren't you going to help?"

I said, "Six should be enough."

*(Copyright Les Dawson, as retold by Jimmy Carr on QI.)*

This guy died after drinking a whole bottle of furniture polish,

A sad end but a beautiful finish.

(richard dawson: source)

A dog with a bandaged foot limped into town one day.

The sheriff approached the stranger and said: What brings you to Dawson City? The dog replied: I'm looking for the man who shot my paw.

"Heads or tails?"

Asked Shane Dawson to his cat

I wouldn't say she has a lot of wrinkles, but when she smiles she looks like a venetian blind ~ Les Dawson

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