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David Beckham gets in a taxi at Dublin Airport and notices the driver keep looking in his rear view mirror at him.

After about 5 minutes the driver says "Go on then give me a clue!?"

Beckham replies, "I had a glittering career with Man Utd, played over 100 times for England and married a spice girl, is that enough?".

Driver says "No mate, I meant where are you going?"

What do David Beckham and Ferrero Rocher chocolates have in common?

They both come in a posh box

My girlfriend said she is leaving me because of my constant name dropping

David Beckham warned me this might happen...

My wife and i made a list of people we would have sex if we got the opportunity

She chose Channing Tatum,David Beckham,Brad Pitt,Chris Hemsworth and Bradley Cooper.I chose her sister,her cousin that was at our wedding,neighbours wife,girl that works as a clerk in Walmart and our son's biology teacher

Went into the barbers, I said I want you to cut my hair like David Beckhams .

He cut my hair and I looked in the mirror!

David Beckham doesn't have his hair cut like that!!??

Barber says; He does if he comes in here!!!

*David Beckham* gets in a taxi at Dublin airport.

He notices the driver staring at him insistently in the rearview mirror.

After 5 minutes the taxi driver asks, Ok. At least give me a hint"

David Beckham sighs and says I had a brilliant career at Manchester United, married one of the Spice Girls and played for more than 100 times for England's national team. Enough?"

Driver replies: No, you eejit! Where are we going??

What do you call a robber who looks like David Beckham?

Bandit like Beckham

David Beckham joke, What do you call a robber who looks like David Beckham?

How is David Beckham like Ferrero Rocher?

They both come in a posh box.

Have you heard about that new David Beckham film called "Into The Unknown"?

It's about his visit to a library.

Who is the greatest American football player?

David Beckham

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I thought it was Franz Beckenbauer's opinion on whether David Beckham's son would make it as a footballer.

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Why doesn't David Beckham eat cheap curries?

Because he can afford to eat really nice ones.

What was David Beckham told after he was granted an honourific title by the Queen?

Man, you knighted!

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