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  1. As a guy who is 5'7 , I'm surprised guys my height think they're locked out of dating Most ladies' profiles say looking for long term, open to short
  2. My date accused me of lying on my Tinder profile, but what I wrote was absolutely true. I DO have the body of an Olympic athlete. It's buried in the backyard.
  3. [First Date] Me: Your profile says you're good at finishing sentences?
    Her: Yeah, Totally!
    Me: Same! I just finished a 20 year sentence for manslaughter
  4. Attractive. Brainy. Romantic. Faithful. Makes good food. Gives great head. -- Online dating profile of a male praying mantis.
  5. I made a dating profile on Farmers Only Because when it comes to women, I know how to a-tractor.
  6. I have a delivery van set as my profile picture on dating websites. I just want the ladies to know what they're getting into.
  7. I like to lie a lot on online dating profiles. But I have to tell you the hardest part about being six foot - five is finding someone who loves me for me.
  8. "Slim chance" and "fat chance" mean the same thing, but when I put "slim" on my dating profile, I get accused of catfishing.
  9. On my online dating profile it clearly says that I'm 6 foot - 4 inches So why when I turn up are woman always disappointed that I'm 5'8
  10. I tried online dating, but it was a disaster. I never could understand what the profiles meant. Apparently, "GWM" does not stand for "Girl With Money".

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  1. What does Medusa have in her dating profile? Beware: I'm drop dead gorgeous.
  2. Why can't Mario get a tinder date? His profile picture was him killing a turtle.
  3. Summer weather is like a terrible dating profile... "24 but feels like 36."
  4. Date: You don't look anything like your profile picture Incredible Hulk: THE BUS WAS LATE
  5. So Gary Johnson got a tinder profile... He's a great third party man-to-date.
  6. I cropped my kids out of my online dating profile photos. They can find their own dates.
  7. What did the mushroom say on his dating profile? I'm a fungi!
  8. Happy 10th birthday to your dating profile pic.

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I once dated a girl named Rachel, but she turned out to be a n**... b**.... As a result, I now refuse to associate with women named Rachel

Then again, I could just be Rachel profiling

After 3 failed marriages, an old woman decides to try an online dating site..

She sets up an account with all her info and says she is looking for "a man who will not beat me, Will not walk all over me, and is great in bed." After 2 weeks no one has replied. Then, one day some one rings the doorbell. The woman gets up and opens the door to see a man with no arms and no legs sitting there. He says "Hello, I'm here about your online dating profile." the woman says to him, "well I want a man who won't beat me.." the man says "I have no arms, therefore I can not beat you." the woman says "well I want a man who won't walk all over me." the man replies "I have no legs, so I can't even walk." the woman says "well, I want a man who's great in bed.." the man replies "hey, I rang the doorbell didn't I?

My tinder profile says

that I have a corner office with views of the entire city, drive a $500,000 vehicle, and that I'm paid to travel.
My dates are always seem disappointed when they find out I'm a bus driver.

I saw on this girl's dating profile that she's a "health and fitness j**...." So that's cool...

We've got one of those three things in common.

I went on a date with a girl I'd talked to briefly on Facebook.

After a while she said to me -
What's up? You seem disappointed.
Oh nothing, it's just you don't look anything like your profile picture
That's my 12 year old daughter

In a Dating Site profile: "Looking for love and chemistry."

Doesn't quite have the same ring as: "Looking for h**... and drugs."

Was seeing a girl who had "I'm a dog person" on their dating profile.

I found it strange that she never introduced me to her dog though so I thought it might have died and never brought it up.
Around our 6 month anniversary she asked if we could spice things up. I said sure.
I was on the bed waiting and she came in on all fours wearing a wolf fursuit and a leash in her mouth.
I wonder what she is up to sometimes.

Thor gets a hit on his tinder profile...

After a night of wild, unrestrained god-level passion he notices his date looks a little knackered.
Sorry, but I'm Thor. He says
The girl looks up and says, You're Thor? I'm tho thor I can't thpeak

A single guy walks into a bar

A single guy walks into a bar and orders a beer. "I've been trying that online dating thing. Almost every single girl has the same old line in their profile," he tells the bartender. "Oh yeah, what line is that?" the bartender asks. "They all say, 'If I was meant to be controlled I would have come with a remote,'" the guy says. "Well the joke's on them. I've been turning women off without a remote for years."

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