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  1. I added Paul Walker as a friend on Xbox live But all he ever does is hangout on the dashboard.
  2. Did you hear about Paul Walker on the radio? And the dashboard and pretty much the rest of the interior
  3. I Added Paul Walker on Xbox Live We never really get around to playing games though, he's always just stuck on the dashboard.
  4. Two blondes are driving. The first blonde asks, "Is my blinker working?"
    The second blonde checks the dashboard and responds, "Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no."
  5. Princess Dianna was on the radio the night she died. And the steering wheel, and the dashboard, and the windshield...
  6. I just added Princess Diana to my xbox friends list. I don't think she has any games though, all she does is spend all day on the dashboard...
  7. I'm friends with Princess Diana on Xbox Live... She spends most of her time on the dashboard.
  8. How did they know Princess Diana had dandruff? They found her head and shoulders on the dashboard.
  9. A new conspiracy theory states Priness Diana was actually on the radio shortly after the supposed accident that killed her. And the windshield, and the dashboard...
    ^^^I ^^^feel ^^^dirty
  10. Did you hear that Paul Walker plays a lot of Xbox? But he mostly spends all his time on dashboard

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  1. I added Paul Walker on Xbox, but he spends all his time on the dashboard.
  2. Just added Paul Walker on xbox, Shame he's always on the dashboard tho.
  3. So I saw that Princess Diana is trending on tumblr. She's all over the dashboard!
  4. What's the last thing that went through Princess Diana's mind?
    The dashboard.
  5. What was Princess Diana's favorite thing about the Xbox 360? The dashboard.
  6. why cant Paul Walker use tumblr? He only sticks to the dashboard
  7. Paul Walker must have had dandruff They found his head and shoulders in the dashboard
  8. Did you know Princess Diana was on the radio? And the dashboard, and the windshield...
  9. So, I friended Paul Walker on XBox. Sadly though, he's always on the dashboard.
  10. What was princess Diana's favourite song? Paradise by the dashboard light
  11. What shampoo did Paul Walker use? Head and shoulders, they were on the dashboard
  12. Paul Walker has been all over the radio recently And also the dashboard and seats.
  13. They should make a Paul Walker satnav... he's used to being on the dashboard.
  14. Did you hear Paul walker was on the radio? The dashboard and steering wheel

Dashboard joke, Did you hear Paul walker was on the radio?

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Silly Drunks.

A drunk phoned the police to report that thieves had been in his car.
"They've stolen the dashboard, the steering wheel, the brake pedal, even the accelerator!" he cried out.
However, before the police investigation could start, the phone rang a second time with the same voice on the line.
"Nevermind," he said with a hiccup. "I got in the back seat by mistake."

Did you hear the one about Princess Diana on the radio?

Yeah, she was also on the dashboard, the steering wheel and the windshield....

Did you know that Princess Diana was on her cell phone when she died?

She was also on the dashboard, the windscreen, the roadside...


A blonde get's in her car and notices her steering wheel, dashboard, and windshield is missing. She calls the police and reports a theft. When the police officer comes, he looks at the blonde who is crying and and says, "Ma''re sitting in the backseat..."

I've put the money attracting talisman my gf gave me on the dashboard of my car

I had a head-on with an armored bank truck the next day.

Im friends with princess Diana on Xbox,

She never plays games though, she's always on the dashboard

A blonde gets in her car...

and notices that her dashboard windshield and steering wheel were missing she called the cops and reported a theft when the cops arrived she was crying in her car and the cops went up to her and said "Ma'am you are sitting in the backseat".

How do police know that Paul Walker didn't have dandruff?

They found his head and shoulders on the dashboard.

When Princess Diana Died in the car c**... it was all over the radio....

The steering wheel, dashboard, etc.

I have princess Diana added as a friend on Xbox live.

To bad she spends all her time on dashboard.

There is a conspiracy theory that claims Princess Diana was on the radio after her reported death.

I'd like to confirm this was completely true, she WAS on the radio, and the dashboard, the steering wheel, the back of the seats and the windscreen.

A drunk calls the police, and says,

"They stole my dashboard, they stole my steering wheel, they stole my brake pedal, they even stole my gas pedal.."
Then, before the cops can ask where he is, he says, "Hey, never mind, I'm in the back seat"

I added Paul Walker on XBOX

But he spends all his time on the dashboard.
I'm going to h**... over this.

Two guys in a helicopter are crossing a mountain range when the rotor breaks and the chopper is going to c**....

As they are falling to their certain death, the pilot calmly reaches to his pocket and pulls out a bright red lipstick. He puts lipstick on, then tears the steering wheel out of the dashboard and shoves it up his a**.... Passenger looks at the pilot in horror and shouts "what the h**... are you doing, we are going to die!" Pilot quietly answers "there's nothing we can do, I'm just giving the c**... investigators something to think about."

My wife asked me to name Meatloaf's top 3 songs… I named Paradise by the Dashboard Light and I'd do anything for love … but then couldn't come up with another one.

But hey, two out of three ain't bad.

When is a door not a door?

When it's ajar.
This is one of late my uncle's, 9 times out of 10 I think of him when I see the light on the dashboard

Dashboard joke, When is a door not a door?

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