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Darth Vader could never find love....

He was looking in Alderaan places.

How do we know that Darth Vader is American?

Because he marches to the Imperial March and not the Metric March

Why is Darth Vader so famous?

He was the first black man to admit he is the father.

How did Darth Vader know what Obi-Wan Kenobi was getting for Christmas?

He felt his presents…

jokes about darth

Darth Vader: Luke, I know what you're getting for Christmas.

Luke: How?
Darth Vader: I felt your presents.

What's the difference between Darth Vader and Tom Brady?

Darth Vader probably gets high fived

The last joke my brother made up, before he passed away this week.

Him: "If my name was Ella, and I married Darth Vader. My name would be Elevator". Stupid and corny, but it's exactly the kind of lame jokes he would make.

Darth joke, The last joke my brother made up, before he passed away this week.

What's Darth Vader's corrupt brother's name?

Taxi Vader

How does Darth Vader manage to eat through that mask?

He's force fed.

Where do Siths do their shopping?

At the Darth Mall

What's Darth Vader's least favorite temperature?

Luke warm.

^^im ^^sorry

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My friends 10 yo daughter made this up while in the elevator today: "Did you know Darth Vader has another daughter?"

Mom: "No, who?"
Daughter: "Ella, Ella Vader."

Retailers have pulled all the Darth Vader toys from their shelves...

Apparently they are a choking hazard.

What do you call a person whose wife was the Queen, daughter is a Princess and his boss is the Emperor, but he himself is no royal?

Darth Vader.

Why is Darth Vader's helmet so phallic?

...because when they hid Luke & Leia from him, they removed his force kin.

Why did Darth Maul jack off into a piece of fruit?

Because the sith always comes in pears

Darth joke, Why did Darth Maul jack off into a piece of fruit?

Just met Darth Vader's corrupt brother.

Taxi Vader

You are Darth Vader. How can you tell if your stormtroopers just played paintball in their freetime again?

You can't.

How do you know that Darth Vader isn't a black man underneath the mask?

He claims to be your father.

Why did Darth Vader get suspended from the Police?

He was under investigation for excessive use of Force

How do we know for sure that Darth Vader isn't black?

Because he keeps on saying "I am your father"

Someone snuck aboard the Death Star and stabbed Darth Vader with a lightsaber.

It was a space in Vader.

why was darth vader arrested?

excessive use of force.

"Can I be frank with you?"

"Well okay, but only if I can be Darth Vader with you."

Where does Darth Vader go shopping?

At the Darth Mall.

Joke For Darth

What is the difference between the first fight between Vader and Kenobi and the second?

Obi-wan then Obi lost.

Darth joke, Joke For Darth

Darth Vader was the first black guy to.....

admit that he's the father

Which sith lord prefers to cripple his opponents rather than kill them?

Darth Ritis

Met a prostitute who said she'll do anything for $50...

Guess who just got Darth Vader unlocked...

Had a dream that I was playing as Darth Vader in Battlefront 2

Woke up and couldn't find my wallet.

How does Darth Vader know what he's getting for Christmas?

He feels his presents

(This is my only Christmas joke and I am deeply ashamed of that)

What first tipped Darth Vader off about the Millennium Falcon?

He found their lack of freight disturbing

^^May ^^the ^^Fourth ^^be ^^with ^^you!

What's Darth Vader's stage name when he plays his electric piano?

The synth lord

Who Did Princess Leia's Hair? (My daughter's joke)

Darth Braider

(I know, I know. She's a kid though. Lol)

Darth Vader built an entire Galactic Empire...

Wearing protective gear in sanitary environment.

But it was all destroyed by a whiny brat without a mask who refused to stay home with his aunt and uncle.

Where do Sith shop?

The Darth Mall

Say what you will about Darth Vader

But his sister Ella really takes things to another level.

Why is it so hard to shop for Darth Vader for Christmas?

Because he can feel your presents.

Darth Vader always knew what Luke and Leia got him for Christmas, stating:

I've felt your presents

How did Darth Vader know what Luke bought him for Christmas?

He felt his ...presence

Where do the Sith hang out after school?

The Darth Mall.

What do you call a stressed Darth Vader?

Panickin Skywalker.

What do you call a shopping center for Sith lords?

A Darth mall.

If Darth Vader was frozen in Carbonite

He would be Mannaquin Skywalker

Everyone knows about Darth Vader, but very few people talk about his wife.

Ella wasn't great at conquering planets but she did make it easier to navigate the Death Star.

How does Darth Vader eat with a mask on?

He force feeds himself.

Did you know Darth Vader's cousin lives in Switzerland and drives a cab?

He's called 'Taxi Vader'

Darth Vader walks into a record store

Darth Vader walks into a record store and asks if they have a copy of George Michael's first studio album. The clerk says they are sold out, to which Vader responds - I find your lack of Faith disturbing!

How did Darth Vader know what Luke got him for Christmas?

He felt his presents

Why was Vader called Darth vader or Lord vader?

Cause when someone called him master vader all the stormtroopers laughed

Why isn't Darth Vader married?

He is strong in divorce.

What is Darth Vader's daughter's name?

Ella Vader

Did you know that Darth Vader had a wife?

Her name was Ella.

My clothing store is using a life sized Darth Vader figurine to model their clothing line

I, for one, really enjoy mannequin skywalker

What is Darth Vader's favorite month?

Imperial March

(from my 11 yo) What does Darth Vader say after cutting someone's head off with a lightsaber?

"I find your lack of face disturbing."

Darth Vader: "Luke, I know what you're getting for Christmas."

Luke Skywalker: "How could you possibly know?"

DV: "I have felt your presents."

Where do the Sith go to do their shopping?

The Darth Mall

you ever hear about Darth Vader's other daughter, Ella Vader?

She's really going up in the world.

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