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How does Darth Vader manage to eat through that mask?

He's force fed.

Why is Darth Vader so famous?

He was the first black man to admit he is the father.

I bought a world map for my wife, and gave her a dart. I said, "Where ever this lands, that's where I am taking you after this pandemic is over."

Turns out we are spending two weeks behind the fridge.

How did Darth Vader know what Obi-Wan Kenobi was getting for Christmas?

He felt his presents…

How do you know that Darth Vader isn't a black man underneath the mask?

He claims to be your father.

If there's one thing that makes me throw up

It's a dart board on a ceiling

What's Darth Vader's corrupt brother's name?

Taxi Vader

I was throwing darts at wife's photo on dart board

and not even a single one hitting the target.
Wife entered, saw and asked, Honey! What are you doing?
Husband: Missing you.
And that's when the fight started…

Darth Vader could never find love....

He was looking in Alderaan places.

Why did Darth Maul jack off into a piece of fruit?

Because the sith always comes in pears

Darth Vader was the first black guy to.....

admit that he's the father

How does Darth Vader know what he's getting for Christmas?

He feels his presents

(This is my only Christmas joke and I am deeply ashamed of that)

How do we know for sure that Darth Vader isn't black?

Because he keeps on saying "I am your father"

David calls up his brother Mike to schedule their annual family trip.

He tells him they're leaving Saturday to go to Detroit. Mike asks, "wait a minute, why Detroit?"

David answers, "Well, you know that thing old ladies do, where they set up a map on a dart board, and wherever it lands is where they go?"

Mike couldn't resist a chuckle, and says back to him "Yeah, i know that one."

"Well, I missed and hit the trash can."

why was darth vader arrested?

excessive use of force.

Darth Vader built an entire Galactic Empire...

Wearing protective gear in sanitary environment.

But it was all destroyed by a whiny brat without a mask who refused to stay home with his aunt and uncle.

What's Darth Vader's least favorite temperature?

Luke warm.

^^im ^^sorry

You are Darth Vader. How can you tell if your stormtroopers just played paintball in their freetime again?

You can't.

Why did Darth Vader get suspended from the Police?

He was under investigation for excessive use of Force

Why is Darth Vader's helmet so phallic?

...because when they hid Luke & Leia from him, they removed his force kin.

What's Darth Vader's stage name when he plays his electric piano?

The synth lord

How do we know that Darth Vader is American?

Because he marches to the Imperial March and not the Metric March

My significant other purchased a map and handed me a dart and said Throw this, and wherever it lands we're taking a trip there after the pandemic ends.

Turns out we're spending 2 weeks behind the fridge.

Say what you will about Darth Vader

But his sister Ella really takes things to another level.

Blonde Inventions

The water-proof towel

Glow in the dark sunglasses

Solar powered flashlight

Submarine screen door

A book on how to read

Inflatable dart board

A dictionary index

Powdered water

Pedal powered wheel chair

Water proof tea bags

Zero proof alcohol

Reusable ice cubes

Skinless bananas

Do it yourself roadmap

Where does Darth Vader go shopping?

At the Darth Mall.

What's Darth Vader's favorite dessert?



For my holidays last year, I threw a dart at a map of the world and decided to go to wherever it landed.

I had a fantastic two weeks sat next to the skirting board.

Darth Vader takes a trip to the clinic after having unprotected sex. What did his test results come back positive for?


So a dart player came up to me and said "Why did u put super glue on my dart? '...

I said "You can't just let it go can you"

Why was Darth Vader so ugly?

Because he had sithilis.

I once saw a dart hit a man and instantly paralyze him.

Those little Dodge's sure can pack a punch.

What is Darth Vader's favorite snack?

(Breathe heavy for effect)


What did Darth Vader do when his iTunes stopped responding?

He force quit.

I'm getting my Darth Vader shaped mole checked out.

I'm concerned because it's on the dark side.

Why is Darth Vader black?

Because he left his son.

Three friends throw darts for high scores at a pub...

The first dude hits the 20 three times and calls: "SIXTY!"

The second one hits two darts in the 20 and one in the triple 20 and shouts: "ONE HUNDRED!"

When the third guy takes his turn, after throwing a 20 and a triple 20 the third dart deflects off the board and hits a nun sitting at the table next to it right at the temple. The woman immediately drops off her chair and the player goes: "ONE NUN DEAD AND EIGHTY!"

Why does Darth Vader's breathing sound so angry?

He is just venting...

What's Darth Vader favourite measurement system?

The Imperial System

What did Darth Sidious eat for breakfast

A coruscant

Yesterday I bought a world map.. gave my wife a dart and told her throw this and wherever it lands, I'm taking you for a holiday .

Turns out we're spending three weeks behind the fridge.

What's Darth Maul's favourite alcoholic beverage?

*Qui-Gon* Gin

Why was Darth Vader upset when he heard George Michael will only play new songs at his concerts?

He found his lack of Faith disturbing.

Darth Vader...

Of all the things that Darth Vader lost when the Death Star blew up, it was the destruction of his George Michael box set that affected him most deeply.

He finds his lack of Faith disturbing.

Darth Vader once baked some cookies...

But it was a little on the dark side.

Why is Darth Vader famous?

How does Darth Vader like his toast?

On the dark side.

How does Darth Vader like his bathwater?


A man and his son were at a bar. The man is standing near the dartboard.

When one dart almost hits him, the man says, "look son I'm Dart Evader!"

The son sighs, "stop it dad."

The man says, "look, I'm not your dad. *I am your father.*"

How does Darth Vader take his coffee?

You would think black right? But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

What did Darth Vader tell Luke?

Luke, I am your [Unlock Content for 20000 Credits].

Do you know exactly what Darth Vader did at the end of Star Wars...

He Overthrew the Emperor

What is Darth Vader's favorite Nissan vehicle?

The Rogue one.

What did Darth Vader say to The Question?

"I find your lack of face disturbing."

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