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The Best Darndest Puns

Bill Cosby is going to have a new show

Women Say the Darndest Things

Did you hear about Bill Cosby's new T.V. show?

It's called "Women say the darndest things. "

Do you think Bill Cosby used "Kids say the darndest things" at any point in his defense?

The title is the whole joke. It's probably been said in one way shape or form but I think it's funny.

What do you get when you cross the Cosby Show with Law & Order: SVU?

Women Say the Darndest Things

"There's one piece of good news for Cosby fans- he has a new show coming out."

"It's called *Women Make the Darndest Accusations.*"
-Jim Norton

Kids say the darndest things

An old man is sitting in his chair watching the game when his 6yr old grand-daughter sits on his lap, begging him to talk like a frog. "Why do you want me to talk like a frog?", the grand-father asks. "Mom says we can all go to Disneyland when you croak.

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