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Some people say that 9/11 was America's darkest hour

but they got it backwards, 11/9

Late last night I was trying to summon a d**....

After many hours in my basement drawing pentagrams, chanting voodoo and performing spiritual dance I had failed to conjure any demons from the dark depths of Hades.
Defeat was in my mind and I had no choice but to admit the ways of old no longer held any sway with the dark lord. I reluctantly slid the Iphone from my bathrobe's inner pocket and activated the voice command:
"Siri, would you please summon me the darkest, most malevolent d**... that Satan himself would be pleased with."
Siri:"Ok, Contacting Comcast Customer Support"

Why does Optimus Prime's alt-mode have headlights?

*To light our darkest hour...*

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