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A boy asks his mom: "Why is my skin so much darker than yours and Dad's?"

... she says: "That was a pretty wild o**..., be glad you don't bark"

I have never understood why living in the poor part of town...

...makes your skin darker.

Mother has four sons joke

The older three sons are blonde with light skin. The youngest is a brunette with darker skin.
The husband is laying on his deathbed. He turns to his wife and asks "honey, I need to know... is our youngest really my son?"
The wife responds: "yes dear, of course, I swear to god with all my heart!"
Reassured, the husband then passes away peacefully. The wife huffed a breath of relief and then muttered "thank god he didn't ask about the other three"

Fair Vs Unfair

If someone is fair skinned does it imply if they are darker it's unfair?

New cardboard AIDS test

if your skin is darker than a piece of cardboard you probably have AIDS.

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