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An anteater walks into a coffee bar ...

... where all the workers, naturally, are English majors and grads. "I'd like a cinnamon latte," he said, "where the cream balances the astringency of the dark roasted coffee beans and the grated spice adds a piquant warmth to the taste of the beverage."
"Why the long clause?" asked the barista, making the drink.
"For ants," replied the anteater. "You have to dig real fast to get those tasty little suckers."

Have you heard the joke about Oprah's new line at Starbucks?

It's a warm, comforting, medium-dark roast.

Two peanuts... (a new take on a classic)

Two peanuts were walking down a dark alley.
One was assaulted.
The other was a'roasted.
What a horrible friend. Getting baked?
A mugging is no time to smoke a joint.

How do you make a coffee maker cry?

With a very dark roast.

Midnight Snack

An old man went downstairs one night to find his wife grabbing a midnight snack from the fridge.
Well one thing led to another and the couple started getting frisky. They closed the door to the fridge which left them in complete darkness.
The old man tells his wife to get on the table, saying that he had a surprise for her. She manages to get onto the table, and after a few minutes of giggling, the old man says I wish I could see your face right now
The old lady responds me too, because you've been l**... the package of roast beef for the past 5 minutes

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