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  1. How many sith lords does it take to change a light bulb? None. They like it on the dark side.
  2. How many Voldemorts does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Well, you see, this is why he's called the Dark Lord.
  3. My old Dark Souls "joke". Don't you guys find it funny, how Lord Gwyn both failed and succeded in keeping Priscilla out of the picture?
  4. Snape: "I think the Dark Lord has returned." Potter: "Are you serious?"
    Snape: "No, I'm Severus."

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  1. Why did the Sith Lord cross the road? To get to the dark side!
  2. Where does the dark lord get his groceries? At the Voldemart
  3. What did the Sith Lord say when getting his picture taken? Make sure to get my dark side!
  4. What do you call a dark, evil duck lord? The King of Duckness.
  5. The Republic must fall... Supreme financier Darth Soros
    Dark lord of the progs.
  6. What do you call a dark lord who is on a vacation? Lord AWOL-DEMORT
  7. Leafy's biggest nightmare is The dark Lord Chin - Chin.

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An old Harry Potter joke

Voldemort goes and knocks on Snape's door.
Who is it?
Voldemort: THE DARK LORD!!
Snape: Sauron?
Voldemort: No no, the other one
Snape: Vader?
Voldemort, irritated, thunders: THE ONE YOU FEAR THE MOST!!
Snape, confused: Hermione??

Late last night I was trying to summon a d**....

After many hours in my basement drawing pentagrams, chanting voodoo and performing spiritual dance I had failed to conjure any demons from the dark depths of Hades.
Defeat was in my mind and I had no choice but to admit the ways of old no longer held any sway with the dark lord. I reluctantly slid the Iphone from my bathrobe's inner pocket and activated the voice command:
"Siri, would you please summon me the darkest, most malevolent d**... that Satan himself would be pleased with."
Siri:"Ok, Contacting Comcast Customer Support"

A man and a priest are playing golf...

... the man is putting and misses his shot. "g**..., I missed," the man says.
The priest tells him to not take the Lord's name in vain, or God would strike him down.
The man swings and misses again.
"g**..., I missed."
The priest, again, reminds him that God would strike him down, if he uses the Lord's name in vain.
The man swings and misses a third time. He says, "g**..., I missed."
All of a sudden, there's thunder and dark clouds fill the sky over the golf course. A flash of lightning strikes down from the heavens and hits the priest. A deep voice coming from the clouds says, "g**..., I missed."

A priest is on a bus (kinda long)...

...and spots a very beautiful nun sitting a couple of rows ahead. He was about to approach her when he remembered that nuns took vows of celibacy. Disheartened, he sat down. The bus driver, noticing this, asked the priest, "What's wrong?" The priest explained his situation to the driver. The driver was silent for a bit, then he said, "I have an idea that can resolve your predicament. I know for a fact that every night, the nun visits the graveyard to pay respect to the dead. What you have to do is dress up like Jesus Christ and she will do anything you command." The priest, doubtful, asked, "Are you sure this will work?" The bus driver responded, "Positively, you just have to try." So the next day, as darkness fell, the priest put on his costume and went to the graveyard. Sure enough, the nun was there. He approached her, and the nun, shocked and amazed by the sight of the Lord, stood silently in awe. The priest then told her to bend over and proceeded to have her way with her. When he was done he removed his costume and exclaimed, "Surprise, it's me, the priest!" The nun, without further ado, removed her veil and said, "Surprise, it's me, the bus driver!"

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