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  1. Why were the early days of history called the Dark Ages? Because there were so many knights.
  2. The Expendables 2 Review: I haven't seen that much shooting in a movie since I went to watch The Dark Knight Rises.
  3. Obama The Dark Knight (2008) The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Congratulations, Barack Obama.
  4. a caring mother makes her son loafs of bread shaped like batman, to make his sandwiches fun every time. guess what happens when it's in the oven? the dark knight rises.
  5. Why were the Middle Ages called the dark ages? Knights for dayz
    (My nearly 11 kid brother made this up, he's well on his way to being a dad ...)
  6. Why is the time period from 476 - 800 ad known as Dark Ages? Because it was the time of knights.
  7. A lady and I once spent our 9th date seeing the dark knight rises So to summarise our dating life it was like this, Dinner, Dinner, Dinner, Dinner, Dinner, Dinner, Dinner, Dinner, Batman
  8. Whenever Batman sees a women Dark Knight rises.
  9. You either see The Dark Knight.. or live long enough to have all the good quotes ruined for you.
  10. What do you call Batman insurance policies? Dark Knight returns.

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  1. Why were the 'Dark Ages' so dark? Because there were so many Knights.
    Just delete me.
  2. What happens when Catwoman takes off her suit? The Dark Knight Rises!
  3. Why were they called "the dark ages"? Because it was knight time.
  4. What happens when Batman sees Catwoman? The Dark Knight rises.
  5. Why did they call it the dark ages? Because there were so many knights!
  6. Snoopy writes a Batman comic book. "He is the Dark and Stormy Knight..."
  7. What happens when Batman is fighting Harley Quinn? The dark knight rises.
  8. I just realized it's called the dark ages because… there were so many knights!
  9. Why were the Dark Ages a thing? Because there were so many knights.
  10. Why were they called the dark ages? Because there were a lot of knights.
  11. Why did they call it the dark ages? Because of all the knights.
  12. How do you find King Arthur in the dark? With a knight light....
  13. What does the Batman do after he shampoos? The Dark Knight Rinses
  14. Why couldn't the Joker see where Batman was? Cause it was a dark knight
  15. What happened when Batman meets Batgirl? The dark knight rises.

Dark Knight Rises Jokes

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  • What do you call it when a black guy gets a hard on? The Dark Knight Rises
  • Hey! Have you seen "The Dark Knight Rises"? I heard the audience dies.
  • The Dark Knight Rises had the Best 3D Ever! It was like the bullets were coming right at you!
  • The Dark Knight Rises was terrible... People were dying to get out of the theater.
  • Has anyone seen the dark knight rises? I heard it has great 3D effects!
    Too soon?
  • Have you seen The Dark Knight Rises yet? I hear it's killer.
  • What is it called when Batman gets an e**...? The Dark Knight Rises
  • What happened to Batman at the end of The Dark Knight Rises, when the e**... occurred? He got a Bruised Vein

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How did the Vikings send secret messages?
By norse code!
Why did the knight run about shouting for a tin opneder?
He had a bee in his suit of armour!
Teacher: Who can tell me where Hadrians Wall is?
Pupil: I expect it’s around Hadrian’s garden miss!
Why were the early days of history called the dark ages?
Because there were so many knights!

Why were the Middle Ages called the Dark Ages? Because there were too many knights.

Why does Tupac never eat candy when it's dark outside?

Because he has to watch out for Shug Knights

What did Scarecrow's fear toxin do to the Dark Knight?

It made him go batshit crazy.

Christian Bale ate a large amount of candy bars on the set of the Dark Knight.

According to the Heath ledger.

Reminiscing on our anniversary

My wife and I just had our 10th anniversary. We had some friends over to celebrate with and they asked us to talk about how we met. On our first 8 dates we just went out to different restaurants, but the next time we got tickets to see the premiere of The Dark Knight.
So I guess we could summarize our dating history as dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, BATMAN!

A new DC storyline involves the Dark Knight being kidnapped by a cricket team...

After being told he escaped the locked room, the Boss screamed "Howzat happen?"

What do you call knights going to the dark side?

Med-evil knights

Batman has retired and now runs a small shoe repair shop.

They call him the Dark Knight of the Sole.

The court jester decided to play a prank

So he got a bucket of coal dust from the blacksmith and rigged it over a doorway.
Soon enough Sir Lancelot walks up in his shiniest silver armor. He'd spent the entire morning polishing it to a mirror finish. As soon as he walks through the doorway, a trip wire dumps the bucket of coal dust over him turning his polished armor a dingy black. Needless to say he was storming mad, covered in filthy black dust.
It was a dark and stormy knight.

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