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The Best Dark Humor Puns

Dark humor is like cancer.

It's even funnier when children get it.

Food is like dark humor

not every one gets it.

A kid asks his mom:

- Mom, what's dark humor?
- Do you see that man without arms over there? Tell him to clap
- Mom! I'm blind....
- Exactly.

Dark Humor joke, A kid asks his mom:

Why don't orphans get offended by dark humor?

Because it can't hit home

Dark humor is like a child with a fatal disease

It never gets old

Dark humor is like...

...a headphone jack. Not everybody gets it.

Dark humor is like a terrorist attack...

the timing needs to be just right.

Dark Humor joke, Dark humor is like a terrorist attack...

Dark humor is like a Make a Wish kid.

It never gets old.

Dark humor is like clean water...

Not everyone gets it.

What do you call a robotic emo that likes dark humor.

Cutting edge technology

Dark humor is like clean water...

it's just not accessible to everyone.

Dark humor is like an unvaccinated child

It never gets old

Dark humor is like water

Not everyone gets it

The lights went out at a comedy convention

And it became dark humor

I love dark humor,

my favorite comedian is black.

A kid asked his father What is dark humor?

The Dad responds with See that man in the wheel chair, tell him to stand up. And the kid's only response was But dad I'm blind.

Dark Humor joke, A kid asked his father  What is dark humor?

Dark humor is like good internet service

Not everyone gets it.

Dark humor is like racial equality.

Not everyone gets it.

Dark humor is like drunk driving

It kills when you cross over the line.

My friend asked me to explain dark humor to them

I pointed at a guy sitting on a park bench and said "See that guy with no hands on the bench? Tell him to clap".

They replied "Austin, you know I'm blind", to which I replied "Exactly"

Dark humor is a lot like fresh drinking water...

Not everyone gets it.

What's the best thing about dark humor?

People don't take it lightly.

Dark Humor is like Healthcare....

It's better if only some people get it."

I like dark humor

So I turn off the lights while reading presidential tweets.

What do dark humor and a person with scoliosis have in common?

Both are sick and twisted.

Dark humor never gets old.

Just like children in Africa.

Dark humor is basically like Drone Strikes...

They are directed toward Africa and The Middle East.

Why are some black comedians so edgy.

Dark humor

Sex is like dark humor

Not everyone gets it.

Dark humor is like an unvaccinated child

It never gets old!

Great joke I heard at a standup show in Houston this weekend. (Dark humor)

Give a man a fish, and he you will feed him for the day.

Give a man two prosthetic legs, and he'll shoot his girlfriend.

Dark humor is like african children.

Dark and fun to laugh at.

What makes dark humor and food similar?

I don't have an answer, but Stalin would say "Not everyone gets it"

I love dark humor...

Eddie Murphy, Kevin Hart, Kat Williams, Chappelle

Dark Humor is like getting laid

Not everyone gets it.

How do you keep black people from stealing things in your back yard?

You hang some in the front.

Relax It's dark humor

Dark Humor are like parents

Not everybody has them.

Slave 1 was staring at slave 2 feet...

Enough dark humor for today.

I don't see what people get from...

Dark humor!

Where does letters to Santa go. (Dark Humor)

In the trash, he's not real.

Dark humor is like legs

No everybody have it

What's another term for Dark Humor? Black Comedy

Because it was a mistake :)

You know what's annoying?

You are now manually blinking your eyes.

(Dark humor)

Dark humor is like Hurricane Florence's floodwaters....

....it's over some people's heads.

Dark humor?

Is slightly darker humor acceptable for this sub? Just wondering...

A buddy of mine asked me if I was a fan of dark humor.

I said "of course, I love black comedians"

Dark humor


What does a Male pornstar and ISIS have in common? (Dark Humor)

They both get head.

dark humor is like death

happens to nice people

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