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Chuck Norris doesn't mow his lawn

He sits on his porch and dares it to grow.

Two ambassadors — one Israeli and one Palestinian — are staying in a hotel...

They decide to order lunch, each opting for a porterhouse steak. Unfortunately, the kitchen staff find that there is only one porterhouse left. No one knows what to do, as nobody dares give either ambassador a replacement meal. The cook really wishes for a two-steak solution.

A couple, to have sex, made a code as "Phone call" so that the kids will not know.

A couple, to have sex, made a code as "Phone call" so that the kids will not know.

One day husband to son: Tell your mom that dad wants to make a phone call.

Mom: Tell your dad the network is down.

Dad: If the network is down, then I will go to a PCO.

Mom: Tell dad that if he dares to go to a PCO, I will open a call centre at home!


(please do not kill me)

Hollywood is remaking the classic film "Who dares wins"

This time however it is not about the SAS, but Barack Obama visiting Dallas in an open top limo.

As i child when i told people i want to be a comedian, everybody laughed at me.

Now I am a comedian, nobody dares to laugh anymore.

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