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Laugh out loud with some of the funniest Daredevil jokes around! Blinded by radioactive material, lawyer Matt Murdock dons a costume to fight crime as Daredevil, the man without fear! Enjoy some humour related to the Marvel superhero, Ragnarok and even Spiderman. Get in on the Daredevil craze!

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  1. What's the difference between Daredevil and Scarlet Witch? One knows how to cope without Vision.
  2. What do Scarlet Witch and Daredevil both have in common? They both wear red and lost their Vision.
  3. What do Daredevil and Scarlet Witch have in common? They're superheroes dressed in red who lost their vision!
  4. If a Ghost Rider should be called Daredevil, and Daredevil should be called Batman, what should Batman be called? Inspector Gadget
  5. Daredevil would make a suitable addition to the Avengers. After all, he lost his vision too.
  6. DareDevil's costume is amazing at keeping his identity a secret No one will ever see through his disguise, not even him.
  7. A daredevil was dared to walk backwards on a tightrope. You could say he wasn't looking forward to it
  8. Daredevil got cancelled by Netflix. The only person who didn't see it coming was Matt Murdock himself.
  9. Just spent the last hour watching a program about a cross-dressing high-wire daredevil... I love watching cable T.V.
  10. Daredevil was planned to be featured of Age of Ultron but.......... He had issues with Vision, you see.

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Daredevil joke, Daredevil was planned to be featured of Age of Ultron but..........

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  1. What do Daredevil and Scarlet Which have in common? They both lost their vision
  2. What do Daredevil and Scarlet Witch have in common? They both don't have vision.
  3. Why wasn't Daredevil in Civil War? He doesn't work well with Vision
  4. What's the same about Wanda and Daredevil They both lost their vision
  5. What's similar between Scarlet Witch and Daredevil? [spoilers] The both lost their vision
  6. Why can't Daredevil drive a car? Because he's from New York.
  7. Why is Daredevil not a part of the Avengers? Because he doesn't work with Vision
  8. Since Ben Affleck has played Daredevil and Batman Does that make him blind as a bat?
  9. What does Daredevil take with his whisky? JUST ICE
  10. Why does Daredevil worry about getting fat? He never watches what he eats.
  11. I'm sad because they canceled Daredevil And he never got to see it.
  12. The Daredevil walks into a bar ...And the pool table ,
    and the chair,
    and the counter.
  13. Netflix cancels Daredevil... Well, that's one thing Matt Murdock didn't see coming.
  14. Have you heard of the new Daredevil game? It's going to be from his point of view.
  15. It would be awesome if they made a DareDevil VR game I can't see it though

Daredevil Blind Jokes

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  • Last night, Daredevil beat me up and took my money. I was robbed blind.
Daredevil joke, Last night, Daredevil beat me up and took my money.

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Please stop

A guy jumps a car on a bike and crashes hard. doctors amputate both his legs.Being the daredevil that he is he jumps his wheelchair over a bus and again crashes even harder. He's so messed up now the doctors have to do a full body amputation.His family plead with him to stop while he's ahead.

A nerd walked into my Bio class today sipping a full martini glass...

Me: Why did you decide to bring alcohol into class??
Nerd: I needed to prove that I was more of a daredevil than I get credit for.
Me: Well what's in the glass then?
Nerd: Ahh, its a little cocktail I call the "Jellyfish".
Me: Why do you call it that?
Nerd: Because its 98% water...

Daredevil joke, The Daredevil walks into a bar

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