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The Best Dared Puns

What do Daredevil and Scarlet Which have in common?

They both lost their vision

A young girl accepts a dare, and wins a dollar

she tells her mom about it, saying how the boys dared her to climb a post.

"Silly girl, that's so they could look up your skirt."

So the next day, the girl comes back and says "They tried to make me climb that post again, but I outsmarted them this time!"

"Really? What did you do?"

"I told them 'I'm not going to be fooled into reposting!"

Why wasn't Daredevil in Civil War?

He doesn't work well with Vision

The cashier at Costco dared to ask me why I'm buying a giant tub of whiteout.

Big mistake.

Someone dared me to make a joke with only four letters.


Why can't Daredevil drive a car?

Because he's from New York.

Why is Daredevil not a part of the Avengers?

Because he doesn't work with Visionο»Ώ

I was dared to eat a spoonful of dry ice.

It tasted sublime!

Yesterday I got dared to have surgery that prevented me from moving my neck...

There's no turning back now

TIFU by doing a Sean Connery impersonation all day.

My friend dared me to do my best Sean Connery impersonation for twenty-four hours yesterday, and it was going really well, until last night....

I asked my girlfriend to sit on my face.

What does Daredevil take with his whisky?


When I was a kid my older brother dared me to take a bite of a Monopoly board.

It was a little gamey.

I dared to ask my wife why she's buying a giant tub of Whiteout from the store.

It was a big mistake.

Pull the cord

I saw this talking muslim doll in the toy store and asked the shop owner what it was supposed to say.

'Dunno', he said, 'nobody dared to pull the cord so far'

I never forget the time when we were at the party, playing truth and dare and

someone dared me to go home

Why does Daredevil worry about getting fat?

He never watches what he eats.

A daredevil was dared to walk backwards on a tightrope.

You could say he wasn't looking forward to it

My friends dared me to throw a rock at my neighbour's window

I was too nervous. I guess I'll be boulder next time.

Today, I finally dared telling the people close to me how much I love them.

They kicked me out of the bus.

The Daredevil walks into a bar

...And the pool table ,
and the chair,
and the counter.

Daredevil was planned to be featured of Age of Ultron but..........

He had issues with Vision, you see.

Where does Daredevil sign contracts?

On the dotted line.

*Revised from an earlier attempt.

My best friend dared me to drink three beers during the song It Must Be Love.

I said, 'That's madness.'

Daredevil got cancelled by Netflix.

The only person who didn't see it coming was Matt Murdock himself.

Adele was singing on the stage, and my friend dared me to take some of his cream cheese and rub it over her body.

I said I'd go on the stage...

"But I won't Philadelphia."

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