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The Best Daphne Puns

"Okay Fred, Shaggy and Daphne, can you name an animal that lives in Africa and has a large horn on its face?"


"We know you know the answer, Scooby, but it's not your turn."

Scooby and the gang on Family Fortunes

The host goes to Daphne and asks her to name an endangered African animal, she ponders for a second and then a voice in the background goes "Rhino!"

The host says "I know you do Scooby, but it's not your go..."

I've slept with over 50 women

Daphne and Edith were their names. Although to be fair, Daphne only turned 50 last week.

What did Fred say to Daphne when they broke up?

I think its time we split up, gang.

What did Fred say after he and Daphne got a divorce?

Let's split up gang!

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