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What do you call the action of a banker buying weed?

A dank transaction

The first time I got high was in the back of my brother's car…

It must of been some dank weed, because I'm an only child.

I like my women like I like my memes...


Dank joke, I like my women like I like my memes...

explain politics to me like i am Captain Internet, Protector of the Lolcats and i won't listen to anything you tell me unless there are multiple dank memes involved

How Quantum Theory?

Dank Memes can't melt steel beams.

What did the German say to the abundance of old memes

vielen dank

What do you get when you cash in your memes for karma?

A dank statement.

Dank joke, What do you get when you cash in your memes for karma?

Who's the dankest pokemon?


What is the dankest kind of pizza?


Why can't vets use dank memes?

Because they'd get fired for beating a dead horse.

What's the dankest coffee?


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What do Dank Memes, Meseeks, and Lana Del Rey all have in common?

They were all born to die

Mom, what does hypocrisy mean?

- Best Dank Memes Vine Compilation

There is a hero that is a Llama

He is the best at fighting crimes, solving crimes and saving the day. However, a villain outsmarted him. He was faced with saving either Marley Dank or the Llama chick that he liked, he could only choose one to save. I guess you can say that he was having a dillama

You probably think that you are a dank kid

But there will always be a German danke.

Where does Hitler get his dank memes?


Dank joke, Where does Hitler get his dank memes?

(Tips hat at the Devil)


(Inspired by a comment on a dank meme)

I just sat on my keyboard and accidentally made a dank meme

Bottom text

Showing memes to my mum

Me: *passes phone to mom to show a dank meme
Mom: who is that?
Me: I don't know mom, just laugh and gimme back my phone.

Alien spaceship arrives at Earth.

Browses dank memes. Leaves.

Aliens don't exist.

Even if they do, they'd cringe to death after browsing our dank memes.

A board member with powers of administration suffering badly from the wind

and wearing an ironclad brassier, pushed her bosom into my face while role-playing in my dank and dirty dungeon.

That's right, a gusty trustee thrust her rusty bust in lusty musty dusty custody.

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