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  1. My girlfriend says she's leaving me because I'm obsess with football In my defence I got Kolarov,Otamendi,Thiago Silva and Dani Alves
  2. What did Dani Alves said in team strategy meeting when he got phone call ? I will be right back

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Dani joke, What did Dani Alves said in team strategy meeting when he got phone call ?

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  1. [Spoiler] In Game of Thrones, what is Jon and Dany's favorite s**... position? Lannister style

Dani joke, [Spoiler] In Game of Thrones, what is Jon and Dany's favorite s**... position?

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What happens if a Danish blonde moves to Sweden?

The average intelligence of both countries goes up.

What did the Danish bricklayer say when someone tried to grab him?

Daniel Craig has narrowly avoided death after falling into an industrial mixer whilst on a Martini factory tour. Fortunately the machine wasn't switched on.

He is reportedly shaken

A Danish person will not be nostalgic about old Beatles songs.

But a norwegian wood.

Daniel Craig was explaining why his character had grey hair for the first time ever in the franchise.

No Time To Dye

Why do Danish ships have bar codes on them?

So when they dock they can Scandinavian.

Daniel Radcliffe would make a good Wolverine

Wolverine's short and hairy; Daniel is short and Harry.

Daniel Craig asks a man if the man's wife will sleep with him for a million dollars.....

The man asks Daniel to give him a day to think about it. Next day, the man comes back and says his wife said yes, but she needs more time to raise the money.

Did you know that Danish boats are given barcodes when they leave ports?

So when they come back, they can Scan-di-navy-in

Daniel Radcliffe has joined the criticism of J K Rowling over her remarks about transgender issues.

I'd call it a witch-hunt, but he identifies as a wizard.

What is the name of Daniel Craig's last movie?

Probably, "Bond Voyage."

Why did the Danish person become a plumber?

Because he loves clogs

Danielle is going to show me her tattoos.

She has got a bird on her hand, and two.....

Do you think Daniel Radcliffe could ever play a hobbit?

No, but Elijah would.

I still don't see why Daniel Radcliffe was cast for Now You See Me 2.

I just can't see him as a magician.

Why is Daniel Radcliffe celebrated and worshiped in Judaism?

Because he's the only one who escaped the chamber.

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